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Empowering Individuals
Time: Up to 3 hours
Target Group: Corporations 

A workshop for increasing productivity in the workplace by enhancing individual communication skills.

An inability to clearly communicate is the number one reason for:

  • A substantial breakdown in productivity and team loyalty
  • An increase in vandalism
  • Unnecessary errors
  • Unresolved anger between staff and management
  • Unreasonable absenteeism

Within a short period of time, participants learn the art of clear communication and verbal self-defense. Interacting successfully with other people occurs when an individual communicates in a way that other people can understand. Participants also learn how to listen so people feel heard.

For information on how you can get Sandy to speak at your meeting or event, email her at, call her at 949-642-3605 or fax her at 949-548-0305.

“You are indeed a dynamic speaker and have the unique ability to hold your audience’s attention while creating an extremely powerful energy. Your knowledge, humor and wit, along with he roles portrayed and realistic examples were well-received by the employees.” 

Janet White, 
Wellness Coordinator, CONOCO, Inc., Oklahoma

“Sandy is a warm, intelligent individual who is very effective in assisting employees in becoming more self-assured in their professional and personal lives.” 

Joseph Bernhardt, 
VP First Interstate Bank


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