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Out of the Pan, Into the Fire
Time: Up to 3 hours (audience Q and A time included).
Target Group: Single Parents

  • How to get your child to mind the first time you ask.
  • Dealing with two different sets of rules and ways of enforcing them.
  • Handling bursts of anger from children whose hearts are split.
  • Creating a family structure that has boundaries and is nurturing.
  • Coping with change.

Find hope and day-to-day skills for moving beyond survival in this very difficult parenting arena.

From her own experience as a single parent, Sandy shares a myriad of practical ways to handle children in the difficult arena of being the only parent in a home. Spontaneous warmth and humor are the blankets Sandy wraps around the techniques from her popular book, Recipes from Parenting.

For information on how you can get Sandy to speak at your meeting or event, email her at, call her at 949-642-3605 or fax her at 949-548-0305.

"If you would like to get up one morning knowing you have the necessary skills and understanding to raise your children without harming them emotionally, run, don't walk, to this seminar! You will laugh endlessly as you discover how to parent children who are responsible, reliable, resilient and who have a strong sense of self- esteem." 

Paula Neff, Parent of two boys, 
Dallas, Texas

“It simply doesn’t get any better than this! Sandy’s strategies have saved my life (maybe even my children’s lives!) many times.” 

Kathleen Zeller,
Parent of 3 children,
Catalina Island, CA


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