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Do You Know Who Packed Your Parachute?
Leave Your Baggage At The Door
Time: Up to 8 hours (customized to meet individual needs).
Target Group: All Adults. 
Corporations: Great employee appreciation event.

An adult “life-skills” class based upon Sandy’s book of the same title.

In her humorous, personal style, Sandy addresses the process of strengthening your relationship with yourself. This workshop will assist each participant in identifying negative patterns, learning to communicate more clearly and living without all the “shoulds” from the past. The focus is on personal empowerment.

  • Healing the wounded child inside (ego, thoughts, self- esteem).
  • Stop playing victim to your own and other’s anger (mistakes, holding the line, and forgiveness).
  • Communicate clearly (feelings, saying no when you want to say no, cleaning up mistakes, and listening)

For information on how you can get Sandy to speak at your meeting or event, email her at, call her at 949-642-3605 or fax her at 949-548-0305.

“I can’t tell you how helpful taking Sandy’s parenting and adult self-esteem classes has been to my relationship with my husband, my children and my own life. Sandy’s enthusiasm is highly contagious, her loving guidance is infinitely healing, and the things you learn from her change your life forever.”

Sheree Newman,
Sunshine Preschool Co-ordinator, 
Costa Mesa, CA

“We hired Sandy to work with our sales force on an ongoing basis. We constantly see the results of her teachings in our workplace. Our business has been positively changed by her warmth, wisdom and teachings.” 

Karen Hodo, 
Kingston Technology Corporation, 
Orange County, CA


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