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Personal Integrity, A World Where Everyone Wins
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Personal Integrity, 
A World Where Everyone Wins

(4-12) Keys to Personal Success.


Time: Up to 3 hours.
Target Group: Parents. Teachers.
Corporations: Employees & management

  • Choose to live in integrity.
  • The value of telling the truth.
  • Take responsibility for your choices.
  • Stand up for what you believe.
  • Change your attitude and thus the course of your life.
  • Learn to monitor your thoughts to change your patterns.
  • Believe you can make a difference.

Most people seek fulfillment outside of themselves, leaving their own wants and needs at the end (or totally off) their personal list. Author of three books, master story teller, Sandy Spurgeon McDaniel will keep people entertained and inspired as they learn to live in the world more successfully.

Presented to: 
The Assistance League National Convention, and Children’s Home

For information on how you can get Sandy to speak at your meeting or event, email her at, call her at 949-642-3605 or fax her at 949-548-0305.

“ I wish to express my sincere appreciation for a keynote presentation that was even more than you promised. Your “Four Keys to Personal Success” evoked more emotions in an hour than most of us experience in a lifetime! The loving, caring and friendly way with which you deal with negatives in our lives will certainly enhance our way of thinking for a long time to come.” 

Marty Forbes, Director of Convention, National Assistance League.

“ We had so much positive feedback from Sandy’s first keynote presentation that we have hired her to do a series of keynotes for our different sections in southern CA.” 

Laura Cunningham, Training Administrator, Children’s Home Society of California.


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