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Quotes About Sandy:
"I am impressed with your parenting work."
Dr. T. Berry Brazelton
"Thanks for sending me such a great book!"
Rosie O'Donnell
"As the keynote luncheon speaker at the 6th annual Early Childhood Educator's Conference, Sandy held the crowd spellbound. Her timely topic, "Four Keys to Personal Success" was described by conference attendees as very inspirational, uplifting and real. Sandy's workshop was packed with enthusiastic participants, wanting more of her. Sandy's intelligence, wisdom, sensitivity and wonderful sense of humor will touch your heart and change your life forever. She is an outstanding speaker, gifted educator and respected author."
Cheryl Roberts
Dean of Early Childhood Studies, Riverside Community College, Riverside, CA.
Sandy is an incredible teacher! Her solutions are applicable, practical and taught in a way that you can immediately apply. Every educator can learn from her loving philosophy and applications for effectively working with today's children. I learn from her every time I am in her presence.
Sharon Sackett
Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Ed. Program. Anaheim Union High School District, CA
Writing a recommendation for Sandy is impossible! You struggle with all the tried and true adjectives, and none are enough. Whether she is working with parents, students or staff members, the only appropriate words are, Sandy is magic!
Diawn Stanley, Principal, Culver City Middle School, CA
"People were laughing, clapping and most of all, they were listening. I am so excited that Sandy brought her excellent presentation to our district. I will do everything I can to have her return, soon."
Michael Ott
Lemon Grove School Board
"In the five years Sandy has been presenting a monthly parenting workshop for us, the most often written comment under the question, 'What did you like the least?' is IT ENDED TOO SOON."
Lori Fernandez
OB Ed.
Coordinator, Hoag Memorial Hospital, Newport Beach, CA.
I cant tell you how helpful taking Sandy's parenting and adult self-esteem classes has been to my relationship with my husband, my children and my own life. Sandy's enthusiasm is highly contagious, her loving guidance is infinitely healing, and the things you learn from her change your life forever.
Sheree Newman
Sunshine Preschool Coordinator, Costa Mesa, CA.
I have had the opportunity to directly observe Sandy under many different circumstances as; a teacher, counselor, friend and mother. She has always proven to be professional, knowledgeable and caring in each of these roles. Sandy has handled the complexities of working with the most difficult attendance problems in our school; one young man had missed 23 days during the first semester. Since working with Sandy, he has not missed one time in the last fourteen weeks. Sandy's relaxed demeanor, sense of humor and friendly personality has made her very popular with students, parents and faculty. Sandy's humanistic approach in dealing with some very delicate and difficult personal situations impressed me the most. She is truly a professional.
Gary Cooper
Title 1 Coordinator, Mt. Miguel High School.
Thanks for the wonderful day and night you gave us at Rio Hondo on Wednesday! The students learned so much; the staff learned so much; the parents learned so much. I was amazed at how well you motivated everyone who was touched by you. Thanks for being so practical, so informative, so sensitive to us as human beings. You model your message and we are all basking in your warmth.
Carole Key
Principal, Arcadia, CA.
"I've been in the field of early childhood education for 30 years. I've never had my staff or parents be so excited after having a speaker come to our school. I HIGHLY recommend to any school or group to have Sandy McDaniel reach out to their parents and share all her love, wisdom and knowledge with them."
Rita Jamieson
Director Early Child Care Center, College Instructor.
"For the first time, my school parents said, 'We were given basic information that we could understand and immediately apply in our lives.' I am so impressed with Sandy's presentation and its results that we're having her back for a Q and A session on individual concerns."
Dr. Gwen Gross
Superintendent, Hermosa Beach Schools.
"The numerous presentations you have given to the parents in our district have always been outstanding. Parents leave with strategies that can immediately be put to use in their homes. Your humorous yet serious message is well received and leaves the parents wanting more.
Phyllis Reed
Buena Park Schools, CA
Using a mixture of humor and sensitivity, Sandy shares with you how parent more effectively. She is so good at what she does and how he presents her material that you do not want her to stop!
Robin Klipper Fishbein
Mothers Morning Program, mother of 2
"Sandy is the epitome of what you want a keynote and seminar speaker to be; excellent presentation and a constant, warm connection with every person at the event. Sandy models everything she teaches. You will laugh, you will cry and you will thank her forever for the gifts she will give you to use every day of your life."
Andrea Morris
OK State PTA Program Chairperson, Oklahoma

"Sandy recently gave a speaking marathon in Ponca City. As an elementary principal, I encouraged my parents to attend her evening parenting seminar. The two hours flew by! Sandy was interesting, told funny stories and helped parents understand the importance of being consistent with logical consequences. Parents were able to relate to Sandy's real life experiences and most importantly she was able to answer questions from the audience. I was impressed that she stayed late to talk in small groups and even individually.

I was also able to attend a half-day seminar for teachers, counselors and others from youth oriented positions on "Enhancing Children's Self-Esteem."

I found the topic very relevant yet different from what I had heard the previous evening. Bringing many together throughout the community gave us a chance not only to meet but to discuss similar challenges. I endorse having Sandy McDaniel to your community."
Nancy Niemann, Ed.D.
Principal, Oklahoma

"I learned so many things that I can use in every aspect of my life. You are easy to understand and I like that you like it when we ask challenging questions. Some teachers don't! You said you want people's lives to be easier because of what they learn from you --mine definitely is!"
Adrianne (teenager)
" If you would like to get up one morning knowing you have the necessary skills and understanding to raise your children without harming them emotionally, run, don't walk, to this seminar! You will laugh endlessly as you discover how to parent children who are responsible, reliable, resilient and who have a strong sense of self-esteem."
Paula Neff
Mother of two children, Dallas, Texas

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