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Positive Parenting (Cassette Tape)



Positive Parenting
(Two 60 minute cassette tapes)

This is the "fundamentals" seminar. This is the original talk from which all other parenting talks have been developed.. You learn lots specific ways to address the daily issues that make parenting so challenging. 

This seminar includes: 

  • No must mean no
  • An alternative to hitting, yelling and giving many time outs
  • How to handle temper tantrums, whining, wanting to buy toys at the market
  • Sibling fighting, going to bed on time at night. making mistakes
  • And many other examples. 

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Also available in Espanol.

"You will laugh, you will cry and you will thank her forever for the gifts she will give you to use every day of your life."

Andrea Morris, Ponca City, Oklahoma


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