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Leave Your Baggage
At The Door

If you are concerned about passing your "garbage" down to your children, or want to feel less emptiness inside, this is the book for you! 

Topics included in this easily digested book are: Enhancing self-esteem, Clear communication skills, Relationship skills and Working effectively with anger. This non-judgmental book is filled with concise examples of how to break out of the web of dysfunctional cycles that cause you pain. Wrap yourself up in soft, loving ways to put light into the dark corners of your life.

Special offer: A Pre-printing, limited edition, loosely bound manuscript of Sandy's newest book.

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"Everyone needs a great and inspiring teacher! This book provides essential tools for living. If you want to fill your life with love, joy, happiness and fulfillment and build bridges between yourself and your parents, read "Leave Your Baggage At the Door."

Mark Victor Hansen Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul


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