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Don't Feed the Dragon


FINALLY! An easy to use “tots thru teens” parenting manual for solving day to day parenting challenges.

This parent-friendly manual is divided into three sections:

Parent Boot Camp: Fundamental information necessary for parents to raise reliable, respectable, responsible, resilient, and loving human beings.

Sandy's Revolutionary Discipline System: Based on 46 years of researching, teaching, and working with children, this is prescription parenting at its best! This system is easy to understand, easy to implement, and will quickly quell any misuse of power in your home.

Quick Reference Guide: Taken from a survey of 10,000 parents, 130 parental concerns and their solutions are listed in alphabetical order. To be used as a continual reference guide, this part of the book brings resolution to the "What do I do now?" question parents ask themselves daily.

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"This book has invaluable information. It's so rich with practical tools that enable parents to raise confident children."

Suzan Aldimassi,

“Her simple method can be used by anyone who works with children. Sandy’s discipline system doesn’t just penalize bad behavior. It encourages understanding, growth, and change through choice for children of all ages. I highly recommend this book for all people who come in contact with children.”

Cheryl M. Svensson,
Ph.D., Sweden and United States of America


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