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Sandy Spurgeon McDaniel
Great-granddaughter of the founder of Santa Ana
Parent of two young adults; Kathleen & Scott
Employment Overview
2006 to date: Executive Consultant to John Martin, JMI Real Estate
2001 to date: "Parenting Solutions" columnist for the Orange County Register.
Pres. Sandy Spurgeon McDaniel, Inc., Sandy McDaniel Ent.
1992 to 2000: Parenting educator, Hoag Memorial Hospital, Newport Beach
1988-1989: Director, Enhancing Education, Inc.
1977 to date: International speaker
1977-1988: President/Co-founder, Project Self-Esteem
1975: Researcher/writer, National Child Health Council (dev. Burn & Poison Prevention Program, preschools)
1970 to 1993: Active parent of two children
1963-1968: Elementary school teacher, Newport-Mesa Unified School District
1962: Floor Manager, Richard's Gift Shop, Newport Beach
1999: Consultant, At-Risk Students, Avalon, CA
1998 to date: Producer/teacher Community education through use of cable television, Avalon, CA
1997 to date: Anger management training for educators and employees.
1997-1998: Retrieval of severe truant students program, Mt. Miguel High School, Spring Valley
1996-1997: Consultant to Culver City Intermediate School (Staff, students, parents)
1996 to date: Respect, Choice Making & Empathy training for grades 6,7,& 8.
1996 to date: Substitute teacher middle schools and high schools, Orange County. CA
1987 to 1990: Consultant to Hawaii and CA Justice Departments
1984 to date: Consultant/trainer to corporate community  (including CIGNA Insurance Corp., 1st Interstate Bank, Wyle Corp., Pacific Mutual Life,  Commerce Bank, Diebold, Kingston Tech.Corporation)
1981-date: Consultant to Head Start, Title/Chapter 1 /special projects
1980 to date: International parent educator
1976 to date: National in-service trainer for teachers, therapists, counselors, administrators and school employees
Volunteer Highlights
Parenting workshops, El Toro Marine Air Base, Desert Storm
Workshops: homeless, battered women, drug rehab. centers, special needs schools and many civic groups
Board of Directors, Nat. Council for Self-Esteem
Board of Directors, Enhancing Education, Inc.
PFO Board, Mariners Elementary School
St. Andrews Church, Director youth recreation program
Speaker for the Girl Scouts of America
Resource teacher for preschools, elementary schools junior high schools, high schools, colleges/universities
Workshops for adults who work with troubled teenagers
Trainings for parent educators in school districts
Keynote Highlights
CIGNA Insurance Corp. (top seven executives and top management team)
Kingston Technology Corporation (Sales dept., quarterly seminars)
National Assistance League National Convention
CA and Oklahoma State PTA Conventions
National Catholic Educational Association National Convention
National Council on Alcoholism
National Jewish Educational League & Jewish Family Service Agencies
PRIDE (International drug prevention international convention)
National self-esteem, national and state conventions
Young President's Organization (YPO)
International Association for Personnel Women
Hoag Memorial, Salinas Valley and other hospitals
Children's Home Society
Special Groups
All divisions found in corporate America (management, sales, etc.)
Parents whose children have special needs/problems (drugs, health)
Master of Ceremonies, ("Just Say No" rallies)
YWCA; women who are homeless and NWA; battered women
Kiwanis, Rotary, Businessmen/women's associations
Churches of all denominations (workshops, seminars, sermons)
Multicultural groups
Creative Experience
Author/publisher, Recipes From Parenting. a book for people who work with children, re-parenting, teenagers.
Positive Parenting, 2 cassette package, in English and Spanish
Co-authored Project Self-Esteem (K-6 program used in 50 states, 6 countries -since 1980)
Author, Leave Your Baggage At the Door, adult life skills book.
Positive Parenting video tape from Avalon, Catalina Island program
"The Experts Speak", cassette program, marketed internationally
CBS, KRXQ, KFBK, KOCM, KABC, KBRT, etc. radio guest appearances.
KATZ, KHET (live), Entertainment Tonight, and KCOP Television
Professional speaker for 20 years to over 300,000 people
‘ASK SANDY’ newspaper column for the Catalina Islander.
Thirty nine years experience in child development
BA University of Redlands, CA
Extension program, Salzburg, Austria
Disc jockey, U of R station
Speech & Communications major
Continuous random classes 1963 to date

The Harmony Award, National Congress Parents and Teachers Honorary Service Award
Golden Apple Self-Esteem Service Award
Disneyland Community Service Award

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